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Disinfection of surgical instruments
Nov 22, 2016

Disinfection of surgical instruments is the main sterilization agents: Purification and cleaning: the operation of equipment used in patients infected with the requirements of the use of disinfectant soak 30 minutes 500 mg / L available chlorine, and then clean daily. When clean, use detergent solution soak scrub, remove the equipment on the blood and soil purification, combined with the slot machine should be opened or removed, thoroughly wipe, and then wash with water, wipe or dry, once the package, To avoid further purification. Prerequisite hospitals can use mechanical cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. Removal of tools and containers before and after the purification and transport, must be severely discerned, and a clear mark, not mixed. Containers and means of transport should be clean and disinfected daily, but should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

The use of surgical instruments disinfection is very good use of it, people are very like, the main thing is that when they use the effect is very good for our lives is also very important, people are very fond of , When in use, their effect is very obvious, the safety of patients is also very important.