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Disposal of surgical instruments should pay attention
Nov 22, 2016

Now a lot of surgical instruments abandoned after the lack of proper treatment, a lot of abandoned surgical instruments are in the case of complete protection measures with the ordinary garbage put together with random discard, so the harm is very large, because the surgery The variety of instruments is very much, the composition of the production of materials is also more complex, very serious environmental pollution, the production of surgical instruments, many of which contain heavy metals, if the random land, the water will first affect the plants, fish Class survival, many surgical instruments have a certain toxicity, is likely to occur in the exposed air sex change, affecting the health of residents living in the vicinity of the ecological environment has brought great harm.

And some surgical instruments are in close contact with the human body, such as scalpels, surgical scissors, etc., these discarded devices once the random discarded will cause the virus to spread, there is a great security risk, and free to discard these surgical instruments, many useful materials Is not recovered, will result in waste of resources.

Therefore, the medical equipment must be properly disposed of, the rational and effective recycling, so that surgical instruments to better protect our health.