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Preoperative guidance for orthopedic surgery
Nov 22, 2016

Before surgery, the doctor should be on the patient and the patient's family, the surgery-related things to make some preoperative statements. First of all, to the patient and the patient's family to explain the necessity of surgery, and surgery done will be what kind of results, as well as complications and treatment of these first aid measures should also be clear to them, to avoid any problems. Second, after surgery to go through what kind of recovery process, the need for rehabilitation exercise and related taboos, which for the rehabilitation of patients are very important, must be informed in advance, but also to answer their questions in detail the patience . In orthopedic surgery often encountered to install the prosthetic situation, this time to install the use of artificial limb function to inform, you can also say that some of the previous success stories, enhance the patient's self-confidence. If you encounter an incurable surgery, but also clear to the families of patients in order to obtain understanding.