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Regular maintenance of surgical instruments should be carried out
Nov 22, 2016

A superb surgeon is inseparable from the surgical instruments, surgical instruments in the operation plays a vital role, and their quality often determines the success of the surgeon's surgery. Their use is very good, in order to ensure the absolute sterile surgical environment, the use of surgical instruments should be disinfected before. Now all hospitals are clearly defined, so when used in strict accordance with the standard to work.

Surgical instruments are an indispensable tool in surgery, surgical instruments have a fine structure and structure, a little mistake may affect the surgical results, and the use of surgical instruments and sterilization environment room is very special, so more Prone to rust, fracture and so on. Only do a good job of daily maintenance work in order to enable it to play an effective work performance. We have to check the number of devices per month, and finishing equipment cabinets, surgical instruments to oil every six months maintenance. Endoscopic equipment weekly manual cleaning and enzyme cleaning, and then dry, joint lubricants maintenance, and now the general top three hospitals have been doing so. Often the maintenance of surgical instruments, surgical instruments can extend the service life, not only to save money, but also for people to create a better medical environment.