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Sales in the form of orthopedic instruments
Nov 22, 2016

For a very right hospital for a variety of medical equipment is indispensable, and the quality of each orthopedic apparatus requirements are more stringent in the invitation. So when the purchase of orthopedic equipment will generally choose more reliable manufacturers, for some of the orthopedic equipment sales for the manufacturers to allow hospitals to recognize their products is more important.

At present, the market of medical equipment sales can be broadly divided into three kinds: First, the community sentinel or fixed-point sales, commonly known as "run errands." The second is conference marketing, the specific can be divided into a single type of marketing and conference marketing conference. At present, the proportion of single-meeting marketing has been relatively low, and the mode of "community store + conference marketing" is more common because the pre-screening process has been increased, the meeting marketing input-output ratio has been improved, but the weakness of marketing cost is also obvious . The third is the "experience center" model, compared to conference marketing, characterized by a long purchase cycle, customer satisfaction is high.

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