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The use of nerve strippers in medicine
Nov 22, 2016

In the surgery when we need to use a lot of equipment, especially in some surgery will encounter a lot of nerves, the more we need to make the correct use. One of the tools used in this area is the use of a nerve-stripper that can be used to separate the nerve.

In general, scientific research institutions or planning departments in the nerve stripper industry planning, including nerve stripper industry status analysis, development strategy, industrial orientation, industrial system, industrial chain, project proposals, environmental impact, implementation programs and other industrial branches to synthesize Research and analysis to make scientific plans. But in people's minds, more emphasis on spatial planning, emphasizing the planners have Class A or B qualification, which is in fact do not understand the nerve stripper industry planning role. A regional economic development, its core is the nerve stripper industry, to solve what to do, why, how to do three issues. Industrial space layout is just nerve stripper industry in the region of the distribution design, is "how to do" part of the content.