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Causes Of Cracking Of Aluminum Alloy Die Steel Die - Casting
Nov 22, 2016

First, we all know, aluminum die-casting mold steel die in the production of a period of time will produce cracks, China Die Network analysis, the main reasons for this phenomenon are the following:

(1) mold temperature is too high stress is too large

(2) Die mold material used 8407, skd61

(3) mold heat treatment hardness is too high

(4) regular maintenance, 5k times1 tempering, 15k times1 tempering 30k times ........

Second, the prevention of die-casting mold cracking problem, improve the service life of imported steel die, to do the following:

1. Die-casting mold molding parts (moving ﹑ fixed core ﹑ core) heat treatment requirements: hardness to ensure that HRC43 ~ 48 (material can be used SKD61 or 8407)

2. Die in the die casting production should be carried out before the full preheating operation, its role is as follows:

2.1 mold to achieve a good heat balance, so that uniform casting speed and conducive to pressure transfer.

2.2 to maintain the flow of die-casting alloy filling, with good formability and improve the casting surface quality.

2.3 reduce the pre-production of poor, improve die-casting productivity.

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