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Damage Analysis Of Aluminum Alloy Die - Casting
Nov 22, 2016

1 mold temperature

Die in the pre-production should be preheated to a certain temperature, or when the high-temperature molten metal filling occurs when the chill, lead to mold surface layer temperature gradient increases, the formation of thermal stress, the mold surface cracking, and even cracking.

In the production process, the mold temperature increases from time to time, when the mold temperature overheating, prone to sticky mold, moving parts out of the mold surface damage caused by mold.

Should set the cooling temperature control system, adhere to the mold task temperature within the bounds of the inevitable.

2 alloy filling type

Metallic liquid to high-pressure, high-speed filling, the mold will be severe impact and erosion, resulting in mechanical stress and thermal stress. In the process of shock, metal liquid, impurities, gas and the mold surface will have a complex chemical effect, and accelerate the erosion and the occurrence of cracks. When the metal liquid wrapped with gas, will be in the cavity in the low pressure area first expansion, when the gas pressure increases, the occurrence of inward blasting, pull the cavity surface of the metal particles and damage, cavitation and cracks.