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Discussion On Gravity Casting Of Aluminum Alloy
Nov 22, 2016

First of all, we must choose the appropriate casting process, the casting process is directly related to the quality of castings and process yield of high and low. Some domestic mold manufacturers have begun to use solidification simulation for casting process-assisted design, through filling and solidification process of computer simulation, found that easy to produce casting defects of the hot junction and be overcome, which improve the reliability of the casting process design , Effectively prevent the mold in the debugging process unnecessary rework, is very important and effective.

Second, the mold must have good heat capacity. Meet the requirements of the thicker mold and module, not only an effective guarantee of mold life, but also for continuous operation of the mold temperature field regulation has a very important role. Some mold factory, in order to reduce costs, save materials, blindly reduce the effective thickness of the mold in order to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, not only greatly reduce the life of the mold, but also easy to deformation of the casting, casting size precision, serious Will lead to casting scrap, the loss caused to the foundry, more serious damage to the mold factory's own reputation.