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Doctors Commonly Used Scalpel Which?
Nov 22, 2016

1, the general scalpel

Uses: cutting the surface of the skin during surgery and deep tissue

Features: sterile, disposable

Ordinary scalpel is an important instrument to complete a variety of surgical, and its diverse models, features a wide range of surgery is mainly used for cutting the skin surface and cutting tissue. Because the blades are single-use, the inserts and shanks are independent. In addition, the blade is extremely sharp, the nurse must take the blade through the surgical clamp, so as to protect themselves from being scratched.

2, high-frequency electric knife

Features: pure cut, mixed cut, electrocautery, electrocoagulation, bipolar coagulation five work modes

Uses: intraoperative control of blood loss, that is, the site of coagulation.

It is through the effective electrode tip high-frequency high-voltage current, the body tissue heating, the final separation and solidification of the organization to achieve the purpose of cutting and hemostasis. Because of its main function is to stop bleeding during surgery, therefore, it is more for the need for timely bleeding operation. At present, it is not only widely used in general, chest, brain, maxillofacial surgery, but also for a variety of endoscopic surgery.