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E.N.T. Devices High Reliability, Low Environmental Risk
Jul 06, 2017

1 E.N.T. Devices maintenance program optimization of the basic concepts

E.N.T. Devices maintenance program optimization is based on the specific circumstances of the E.N.T. Devices, production methods, enterprise maintenance resources, such as the development of E.N.T. Devices maintenance program, according to maintenance constraints and optimization objectives to optimize, so as to achieve the best maintenance or better program.

E.N.T. Devices maintenance has a certain demand and preferences, needs and preferences can be used to express a list of system characteristics, such as high reliability, low environmental risk, high security, low maintenance costs. But in practical problems, these goals are contradictory and often can not be met at the same time, so it is necessary to establish a preference structure that describes the priority of the target. When the system objectives are identified, it is necessary to determine the action plan to achieve the goal, and therefore the need to establish a corresponding mathematical model in order to analyze the merits of each program and quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of maintenance activities. In the general industrial enterprises to maintain the E.N.T. Devices to consider the following factors: maintenance, repair quality, maintenance time, maintenance personnel, maintenance costs and maintenance of security. Maintenance quality is the success or failure of maintenance directly related to the maintenance of E.N.T. Devices after the use of performance and E.N.T. Devices after the repair. Maintenance time is related to the continuity of production and production schedule in a timely manner; and maintenance of the necessary resources are a serious impact on corporate profits. So to the maintenance of the specific circumstances of the maintenance program to optimize the maintenance to achieve maximum efficiency.

2 maintenance program optimization status quo

With the globalization of the economy, enterprises will face a more competitive environment, quality, innovation, service, delivery time has become the main means of competition; and the realization of these means of competition depends on the manufacture of sophisticated, efficient E.N.T. Devices. With the development and progress of science and technology, the E.N.T. Devices is becoming more and more complicated, the degree of automation is continuously improved. The output efficiency of the production process is also increasing, and the maintenance cost of the E.N.T. Devices and the proportion of the failure loss in the cost are getting more and more Large, the competitiveness of enterprises has an important impact. The use of reasonable E.N.T. Devices maintenance methods, can protect the E.N.T. Devices in a good, economical operation, improve the use of E.N.T. Devices to ensure that the production system according to plan requirements, at the lowest cost to produce customer satisfaction products or services. Therefore, the choice of E.N.T. Devices maintenance mode is an important issue facing enterprises.

The traditional maintenance plan and maintenance management methods are based on the technical staff and management experience to set, due to personnel changes, incomplete information, resulting in a large random maintenance, maintenance is not over-maintenance is insufficient, therefore, should be based on E.N.T. Devices model, Performance, the use of conditions and other characteristics, targeted use of different maintenance methods. Modern E.N.T. Devices in the enterprise has a great difference, the E.N.T. Devices we should be based on the E.N.T. Devices to determine the difference between the E.N.T. Devices maintenance program.

3 Existing E.N.T. Devices maintenance program optimization is insufficient

We can see the existing E.N.T. Devices maintenance program optimization of the main deficiencies are the following aspects:

(1) these optimization methods are not and enterprise production plan is a good combination. The production plan is the basis for the production and profitability of the enterprise and is the basis for all other planning.

(2) a variety of algorithms do not attach importance to the status of E.N.T. Devices in the enterprise, should take full account of the importance of E.N.T. Devices, economy. Modern enterprises have a large number of E.N.T. Devices, according to the nature of production and requirements of different production, which plays an important role in the production and the important role is different in the production line threat of balanced production, product quality and safety level is not the same of. So we should be based on the importance of E.N.T. Devices, economy, maintenance of the actual situation will be classified E.N.T. Devices.

(3) does not make good use of the existing data resources in the MIS system, and thus can not adjust the E.N.T. Devices maintenance plan and optimization target according to the E.N.T. Devices condition, the E.N.T. Devices maintenance record and so on, and the established model can not be verified.

(4) optimization goal is too single, there is no emphasis on green maintenance. Green maintenance is not yet a unified definition, generally believed that the mechanical and electrical E.N.T. Devices in the maintenance process, the ecological environment harmless or less harmful, high resource utilization, low energy consumption of modern maintenance management and maintenance methods, that is green Maintenance is based on environmental protection as the center of mechanical and electrical E.N.T. Devices maintenance.

(5) Most of the maintenance model assumptions are arbitrary, and the actual situation does not match. The shortcomings of these models lie in 1) there is no indication of how to determine the parameters of the model; 2) the validation of the model is ignored; and 3) the lack of case analysis.

(6) the existing algorithm is more complex, it is difficult to achieve in the E.N.T. Devices management system.