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High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments Cleaning Quality Improved Significantly
Jul 06, 2017

High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments are the basic tool for surgical operation, the performance of the equipment directly affects the operation and even the success or failure of surgery. Different surgical parts of the surgical equipment requirements are different, different types of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments prices, use is not the same. Therefore, in order to ensure the use of equipment, enough, durable, give full play to the effectiveness of the device, we must strengthen the equipment management.

Ordinary High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments refer to the most commonly used High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments, such as scalpels, scissors, tweezers, pliers, chisel hooks, etc., which is the basis of all High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments.

1. High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments are handled by the operating room, custody and uniform use.

2. The operating room is responsible for regular surgical equipment ordering, the purchase of special equipment should be made by the specialist advice, with the operating room to discuss and then buy.

3. The establishment of surgical equipment counters, according to the classification of specialist placement, hand management. So that the label eye-catching, placed in an orderly, making account book, account matching. Special staff cleaning and finishing the cabinet every week and health items 1, every six months inventory equipment 1 times.

4. Surgical equipment package according to the need for surgery equipment combinations, including equipment within the instrument base card, easy to inventory, to avoid loss.

5. Selective High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments, 1 day before surgery by the equipment nurses under the surgical notice to prepare. Special special equipment, the notice must be marked on the name of the device, specifications, models and accessories, if necessary, the surgeon should be personally selected to the operating room. The operating room should have a certain type, the number of emergency High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments package to meet the needs of emergency surgery. Each device packs a chemical sterilization indicator card, a package of chemical instructions tape to determine the sterilization effect of the equipment package.

6. Do not put the High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments out of the operating room or privately moved to him or replaced. Doctors, training, interns are not allowed to carry their own High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments in the operating room.

7. After the use of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments, should thoroughly eliminate stains, blood, and then dry, oil. When cleaning, pay attention to the thread, teeth, tunnels and other parts, large parts of the equipment should be unloaded cleaning; homing, check the knife, cut, chisel whether sharp, accessories are complete, the shaft is flexible, bite is tight, Loose, to prevent the loss of small parts and screws.

8. High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments do not borrow in principle, do need to borrow, must be approved by the relevant departments, and obtain the consent of the operating room nurses, by virtue of the loan. In principle only by 1 day. Emergency surgery equipment package loan, only the medical department of the external medical rescue.

Mechanical cleaning method

1, mechanical cleaning is divided into automatic, semi-automatic, ultrasonic cleaning machine, long and many other forms, and some washing machine with heating system and drying system. At present, some domestic hospitals use mechanical cleaning, automatic spray cleaning and disinfection machine cleaning equipment before the use of multi-enzyme immersion equipment, can make the same equipment surface, shaft, occlusal surface cleaning quality improved significantly.

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect is extremely high frequency of water squeeze to produce a bubble to form a vacuum area and produce tension, will be attached to the dirt on the equipment loose suction, it is better than manual cleaning is that it can clear the brush Can not touch the dirt.

3, through observation, found that a simple mechanical cleaning of the organism of the device can not achieve the desired cleaning effect, and the use of multi-enzyme liquid soaked brush cleaning and then cleaning machine cleaning better.

4, the machine can not clean all the manual cleaning, for some pipes, precision instruments and more difficult to clean parts must be manually cleaned, in addition to the cleaning equipment must be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to avoid machine cleaning failure.

Rust and lubrication maintenance

1, with organic pollution of the initial treatment of the device is not timely, easy to cause its rust.

2, the recovery of cleaning equipment to detect the results. China Disinfection Magazine / Zhang Xiuluan reported that the treatment has not been treated by rust removal equipment directly according to the same procedures for cleaning, visual inspection to meet the cleaning clean quality requirements of only 84.2%.

3, from the clinical recovery of contaminated equipment first rusted equipment with a special derusting agent for rust treatment, and then routine cleaning, cleaning and then for boiling, lubrication, drying. This treatment is not only conducive to pressure steam sterilization, but also play a maintenance on the equipment to extend the role of its life.

4, Zeng Weihong "High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments lubrication and maintenance methods of comparative study" reported that the equipment should be anti-rust equipment for lubricating oil, which is mainly composed of three natural silicone resin non-stick, non-toxic water-soluble lubricant, which can be in the The instrument surface to form a protective film, the protective film can be sterilized by penetrating, to prevent oxygen in the air and the instrument surface contact, which has a lubrication, rust, antibacterial triple role.