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High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments Daily Operation Is Safe And Normal
Jun 26, 2017

A. No corrosion, safe and reliable

The High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments uses water as the cleaning medium, and the cleaning process does not cause any damage to the equipment metal. It will not leave the boiler damage and shorten the service life of the heat exchange equipment to ensure that the heat exchange equipment is cleaned or the daily operation is safe, normal and High quality operation.

B. cleaning efficiency, cleaning thoroughly

Add the cleaning fluid can effectively clean all types of scale, especially for pickling technology can not go out of the sulfate, grease and other difficult to dissolve dirt can also be thoroughly cleaned. The descaling rate is greater than 95%. After cleaning, the heat exchange equipment is kept in a clean state to effectively recover and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchange equipment.

C. Green pollution, does not affect the environment

After cleaning the environment without pollution,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments the real realization of the industrial equipment, green pollution-free cleaning.

D. energy-saving effect is significant, reduce operating costs

The use of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology, the industrial heat exchange equipment can significantly reduce the energy consumption, the average cost savings of up to 10%. Due to thorough cleaning, cleaning process on the metal without damage, after cleaning to ensure that the heat transfer equipment safe,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments efficient and long-term operation, so that the industrial heat exchange equipment, water system maintenance costs and water treatment costs dropped significantly to the user real In the economic benefits.

E. high pressure cleaning, no downtime

Can be in the heat exchange equipment under normal operating conditions, the complete removal of various water systems within the scale, does not affect the production,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments to achieve the safety of industrial heat exchange equipment without corrosion on-line cleaning descaling.

F. Easy to use and easy to use

The use of high-pressure cleaning machine cleaning industrial heat exchange equipment is simple, easy to use, in the normal operation of the heat exchanger can be cleaned. Equipment users can operate their own, do not need to be as a result of pickling technology by professional cleaning company to provide services.

G. anti-scaling anti-corrosion, to extend equipment life

Heat transfer equipment, daily operation to add a small amount of running scale inhibitor for water treatment and maintenance, to prevent the boiler and other hot exchange equipment,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments water system scaling and corrosion, thereby reducing energy consumption, the system safe, normal and stable operation, and effective Extend the service life of industrial heat exchange equipment.