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High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments Improve The Cleaning And Cleaning Effect
Jun 15, 2017

The High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments is a medium in which water is used as a medium, and when a large amount of energy is obtained by the high-pressure generating device, the energy is concentrated at a rate of bullets from a certain shape of the nozzle with a specific fluid movement. This flow of water because of its high speed, itself has a certain quality, so it has a high kinetic energy, it is like a series of projectile shot out, you can complete a lot of complex process tasks. Because of the unique mechanism of high pressure water jetting against solid materials, high pressure water jets show unique advantages under certain conditions where some metal knives can not function. Its destruction of the solid surface, not only the positive impact, but also tangential impact. When the jet is fired toward the solid wall, it is turned into a tangential flow, and the high-speed tangential flow scours the surface with the crushed material which is initially peeled off, thereby improving the cleaning and descaling effect.

In addition, when the solid surface cracks,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments the jet will produce "water wedge" role, expand the cracks, accelerating the development of cracks, contribute to the peeling off the dirt layer. When the water jet hit force is greater than the material in addition to the broken capacity, you can achieve cleaning cleaning effect. Because high-pressure water jet cleaning technology is water as the medium, so there is no corrosion, no pollution and other characteristics, in some areas has been gradually replaced by chemical, mechanical cleaning methods. Here we mainly introduce high pressure cleaner in the coking plant chemical equipment cleaning applications.

1 clean the door

Large coke oven thrust coke and coke as a result of cleaning is not timely, resulting in the accumulation of tar residue, seriously affecting the door of the seal. How to use the gap between the production of the door to clean up the incurable diseases. Beijing Tak Gaoying Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. through the test demonstration, the use of off-door suspension of the production gap, with high-pressure water jet on the door sealing surface cleaning, to achieve a better effect, you can follow the production furnace door,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments the better stage To solve the accumulation of debris caused by the door seal problem.

2 Cleaning the circulating ammonia nozzle

Circulating ammonia local nozzle in the long-term use of the process due to the accumulation of impurities such as tar and blocked, or even all blocked. At present, most enterprises for the jammed nozzle due to the small flow channel in addition to a small part of the use of cleaning, the majority of new nozzles to ensure the use of. Beijing De Gaojie Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. through the experimental study,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments the use of high-pressure water jet on the nozzle flow was thoroughly cleaned to restore the nozzle as it is. In order to prevent the high-pressure water jet in the jet cleaning process nozzle movement, we also made a special nozzle fixed bracket, only about 5 minutes can be a completely blocked nozzle thoroughly clean up to achieve spare parts recycling.

3 equipment anti-corrosion rust

Coking plant Some large barrels, pipes or explosion-proof areas need to regularly implement anti-corrosion rust work, in the past are erected scaffolding artificial rust,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments explosion-proof areas in the explosion but also take measures, with the construction of difficult, high cost shortcomings. The use of high-pressure water jet cleaning rust, both fast and safe, the construction quality can be improved to achieve complete security risks, the construction of safe and quick purpose.