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High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments To Achieve The Purpose Of Cleaning The Surface Of The Object
Aug 04, 2017

The working principle of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments

High-pressure washing machine is water as the working medium, its principle is to ordinary tap water through high-pressure water pump into high pressure and low flow rate of water, and then transported to high-pressure pipeline, so that a certain energy to reach high-pressure nozzle. And the diameter of the high pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high pressure pipe, so the water reaching the high pressure nozzle must be accelerated through the nozzle. In this way, the nozzle can be high pressure and low flow rate of water into low pressure and high flow rate of the jet. High pressure water jet is one of the simplest forms of energy conversion and application. When the impact of high pressure water jet is greater than the dirt and the adhesion of the surface of the object, it will peel off the dirt, washed away, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object.

The use of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments to clean the condenser heat transfer tube characteristics

1, the use of high-pressure cleaning machine cleaning condenser heat transfer tube, heat pipe wall cleaning rate of 95% or more.

2, High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments cleaning on the surface to be cleaned (heat transfer tube) will not cause damage, and no corrosion, no leakage of ammonia occurred.

3, High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments can use tap water or cooling system cooling water as the working medium for cleaning, energy saving. It should be noted that when using the system cooling water as a cleaning medium must do a good job of water filtration, no dirt or debris into the High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments into the water pipe.

4, High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments can then cool the system without stopping the state of the condenser to clean, greatly reducing the operating costs.

Laparoscopic device cleaning is an important part of disinfection and sterilization, through the cleaning can remove more than 90% of the pathogens. The current laparoscopic instrument cleaning and manual use of ultrasonic automatic washing machine two methods. Commonly used is the manual cleaning method.

After the end of the operation, the laparoscopic device was placed on a 1: 300 neutral multi-enzyme cleaner soaked for 10 min, the enzyme can quickly decompose protein and organic matter, so that residual blood, organic matter, mucus and so on will not be solidified and adsorbed on the device,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments Thus easy to clean. And all the removable parts can be removed, separated, the sleeve out of the tube, soaked. And then carefully cleaned with flow of water each component, with the lumen of the device application of soft brush repeatedly washed to see the brush at both ends prevail, completely remove all the tissue debris, while removing other organic matter.

Clean and then placed in the equipment for lubricating fluid lubrication about 2 min after the removal, and the joints of the clamp leaves open, the lumen of the device with a high pressure air gun to the throat blowing compressed gas until no water discharge, so that it is fully dry , Hanging or hanging in a cool dry special storage cabinet spare.

After the end of the operation, use a wet gauze dipped in a neutral multi-enzyme cleaner to wipe the blood and stains of the lens and various wires. Use a soft cloth with strong water absorption to dry the cable. In the laparoscopic box, is strictly prohibited angular folding or excessive bending,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments mirror with absorbent cotton balls or mirror paper clockwise to wipe, to avoid wiping with a rough cloth towel, so as not to damage the mirror, the impact of intraoperative use.

Cleaning to prevent the lack of laparoscopic instruments of the annex, due to laparoscopic instruments are closely complex, many devices are equipped with small accessories, so in the demolition cleaning, the brush tank is best covered with a filter to prevent into the sewer lost The Another cold light source and camera lens connection in the cleaning and disinfection process, can not be discounted, hovering angle should be obtuse angle, so as not to damage the optical fiber.