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High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments To Ensure The Smooth Operation Of The Necessary Prerequisite For Surgery
Oct 26, 2017

The disinfection and maintenance of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instrumentsinstruments is an important part of oral nursing clinical nursing work. It is related to the safety of patients and doctors to prevent cross-infection, but also to ensure the smooth operation of the necessary prerequisite for surgery. The implantation of surgical instruments is mainly made of stainless steel or titanium metal, with many types, small size, high precision, clinical maintenance difficulties and so on. Its internal pipeline is easily blocked due to improper maintenance; the surface may be due to temperature, chemical and mechanical factors such as damage, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Now on the cultivation of disinfection equipment maintenance and maintenance to share.

Immediately after the end of the implant surgery, remove the cell phone and use 75% ethanol cotton balls to wipe clean the surface. After the surface cleaning, remove the phone, with a toothbrush or cotton balls to completely remove the remaining blood in the phone parts and tissue debris, and then use air guns to dry the moisture of each component, assembly phone. The use of mobile phone manufacturers recommend the maintenance of oil injection ls,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments connecting the phone and the motor (not connected to the cooling water pipe). Low speed rotation motor, 10s after the transfer speed to the maximum operation (about 30s), to rule out the excess curing oil. Finally, remove the phone, wipe the surface of the phone curing oil, vacuum packaging, sterilization in strict accordance with the specification, recommended the use of pre-vacuum high temperature and pressure sterilization system.

1. Device decomposition and early disinfection. Surgical combination instruments (such as ratchet wrenches, drill bits with a shank, etc.) used in surgery should be disassembled into a single part, along with other used instruments, soaked in an ampoule quick multi-enzyme cleaning solution for 10s First disinfection. Surgery has not been used in the device, you can not soak.

2. Equipment cleaning. Wash the surface of the instrument with soft hair brush, wash the instrument with a syringe lumen (such as the internal water supply needle water supply pipe), remove the saliva, blood stains, broken debris, washed away the disinfectant. The current use of the planting needle with more than the internal water supply cooling function, the drill pipe easy to residual dirt, usually with a syringe rinse can be removed,High Pressure Washer Surgical Instruments if necessary, can be used to remove the metal pipe through the internal bone or blood clots, And then rinse carefully.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning. Put the instrument into the ultrasonic cleaning machine for 10min, pay attention to the equipment to avoid contact, so as not to collision with each other damage equipment.

4. Dry the box. Drying equipment, check to confirm the instrument intact, according to the equipment and special equipment within the box logo, the instrument will be returned to the corresponding position of the box, the equipment within the box, check the device placement is correct, ready to disinfection.

5. Steam sterilization. And sterilization method of planting the same mobile phone

6. Save the device. Sterilized equipment should be stored in a cool, dry, non-polluting environment, and be used during sterilization.

Maintenance and maintenance of the plant

Always turn off the power before cleaning and maintenance.

2. Keep clean, wipe the planter with a dry cloth, and use an organic solvent to wipe the plastic parts. Long-term use, should be regularly dehumidification power.

3. In addition to the use of routine inspection, should regularly check the phone, motor, timely detection of the problem, to ensure the normal use.

Equipment custody and use maintenance

1. Follow the oral instrument application management integrity, efficiency principle, to achieve optimal performance of the equipment and the greatest economic and social benefits.

2. Equipment storage. According to the performance of the device, the degree of precision and the use of requirements, classified in a ventilated, dustproof, dry environment.

3. Technical data archiving. A wide range of planting equipment, brochures, the use of maintenance manuals should be classified archive.

4. Equipment maintenance. (Such as different types of implants, specific specifications), sterilization equipment should confirm the packaging is complete and valid; check the performance of equipment, such as the accuracy of measuring tools, cutting tools (drill) sharp sharpness, etc. , To confirm the sequence of High Pressure Washer Surgical Instrumentsequipment, the sequence of needle and instrument box marked the same position; the use of the establishment of the use of registration system.