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Hysteroscopy Apparatus Check The Process Quickly
Aug 04, 2017

Hysteroscopy Apparatus is an optical instrument used to do uterine cavity observation, diagnosis and treatment. Uterine mirror can be divided into diagnostic and surgical type, there are soft and hard points.

Soft diagnostic Hysteroscopy Apparatus is made of advanced fiber, small diameter, free to bend, easy to do the whole uterine cavity of the observation and diagnosis, check the process quickly (about 2 to 5 minutes), do not hurt, do not hurt the uterus The

Abnormal uterine bleeding, menorrhagia, menstrual scarce, menstrual cycle are not allowed, uterine fibroids, uterine flesh, contraceptive device shift, infertility, habitual abortion, natural or abortion after the follow-up inspection, abnormal ultrasound images , Long-term lower abdominal pain, artificial pregnancy and IVF preoperative assessment, are the implementation of the indications for Hysteroscopy Apparatus.

Uterus is the fetus of the palace, the uterus is the fetus to live ten months of the room, uterine cavity was easy to conceive. For example, there is a infertile woman, the implementation of artificial conception and test-tube baby failure to the uterine mirror examination, found the uterine cavity long a fibroids, by the doctor to surgical hysteroscopic resection, then naturally pregnant.

The best time for Hysteroscopy Apparatus should be that menstrual has just ended before ovulation. Check, do not have an anesthetic, so do not have to fast, do not have to hospital. Check to go home, do not have to rest the next day, but do not tonic, you can do the general daily activities.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus is an advanced device for the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine diseases. It can clearly observe various changes in the intrauterine cavity and make a clear diagnosis. The use of Hysteroscopy Apparatus can directly view the uterine cavity lesions, the location of the collection of pathological examination, diagnosis, timely, comprehensive, intuitive, early detection of cancer; tubal intubation, check the tubal patency, dredge tubal interstitial obstruction Hysteroscopic resection of endometrium, submucous myoma, endometrial polyps, uterine mediastinum, uterine adhesions and removal of foreign body, good effect, no laparotomy, trauma, less bleeding, pain, light, rehabilitation fast.

Hysteroscopic surgery in the working principle of energy devices, can cause damage and its handling, the use of energy equipment skills and how to prevent the occurrence of secondary damage to elaborate.

Unipolar mode principle: In unipolar resection, the thermal effect required in the tissue is achieved by increasing the current intensity between the electrode and the tissue during electrical and electrocoagulation. A large negative plate near the surgical area collects the current through the tissue and returns to the high frequency electric knife. To ensure the closed circuit, use a nonconductive perfusate (eg mannitol - sorbitol),Hysteroscopy Apparatus such as conductive perfusate, that results in conductive electrodes and The resistance between the perfusate is less than the resistance between the microstructures, which can lead to uncontrollable current passing through the patient's body through the perfusion fluid in the energy transfer. But between the organization and the conductive electrode can not form a cutting effect. Monopolar is more used in intrauterine resection, perfusion medium for non-electrolyte solution, such as glucose solution, mannitol solution.