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Hysteroscopy Apparatus Dredge The Treatment, The Effect Is Good
Jun 15, 2017

Hysteroscopy Apparatus is a woman to check the uterine cavity health of a medical means, then we all know Hysteroscopy Apparatus pain? How to do Hysteroscopy Apparatus? Today to come for everyone Answer one by one. Interested friends to look at it.

What is Hysteroscopy Apparatus

Hysteroscopy Apparatus is a tool for medical examination of the uterine cavity, Hysteroscopy Apparatus should be how to use it? In fact, Hysteroscopy Apparatus is through the cervix into the uterine cavity, with uterine distention uterine swelling of the uterine cavity, with strong light illuminated the palace Cavity, can clearly observe the size and shape of the uterine cavity, endometrial color and thickness, uterine horn and tubal opening, endometrial hyperplasia, endometritis, uterine submucous myoma and endometrial polyps And other occupying lesions, uterine septum, intrauterine adhesions, intrauterine foreign body and other lesions. After diagnosis, hysteroscopic surgery.

In the medical, we can Hysteroscopy Apparatus, observe our body's cervix, uterine anterior and posterior wall, sidewall, the bottom of the palace, left and right uterine horn and tubal opening to understand the uterine cavity and endometrial conditions, if necessary Do the corresponding curettage or further line of other related surgical treatment. Treatment of internal organs to send pathological examination.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus as a check the uterine cavity of the optical instruments, can be a good observation of the uterine cavity of the health status, so that timely diagnosis and treatment. Uterine mirror can be divided into diagnostic and surgical type, there are soft and hard points. Soft diagnostic Hysteroscopy Apparatus is made of advanced fiber, small diameter, free to bend, easy to do the whole uterine cavity of the observation and diagnosis, check the process quickly (about 2 to 5 minutes), no pain, no injury uterus.

Abnormal uterine bleeding, menorrhagia, menstrual scarce, menstrual cycle are not allowed, uterine fibroids, uterine flesh, contraceptive device shift, infertility, habitual abortion, natural or abortion after the follow-up inspection, abnormal ultrasound images , Long-term lower abdominal pain, artificial pregnancy and IVF preoperative assessment, are the implementation of Hysteroscopy Apparatus indications.

Uterus is the fetus of the palace, the uterus is the fetus to live ten months of the room, uterine cavity was easy to conceive. Hysteroscopy Apparatus is a weapon for the treatment of infertility, infertility patients should do Hysteroscopy Apparatus. The best time for Hysteroscopy Apparatus should be to menstrual just before ovulation. Check, do not have an anesthetic, do not have to fast, do not have to hospital. Check to go home, do not have to rest the next day, but do not tonic, you can do the general daily activities.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus without anesthesia or cervical local anesthesia, Hysteroscopy Apparatus pain is generally tolerable, if you are afraid of pain, you can choose local anesthesia. Please do not worry, Hysteroscopy Apparatus is a minimally invasive examination method. Hysteroscopy Apparatus is an endoscope for intrauterine examination and treatment.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus feasible tubal intubation for patency examination, such as the discovery of tubal pass and poor or blocked, can also be used to clear the treatment, the effect is good. Hysteroscopy Apparatus can be directly observed in the intrauterine situation, to understand whether the infertility caused by intrauterine factors, and at the same time the abnormal situation for the necessary surgical treatment. At present, Hysteroscopy Apparatus has become one of the common means of female infertility examination and treatment. No matter what surgery is not perfect, Hysteroscopy Apparatus is no exception, Hysteroscopy Apparatus side effects also exist.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus clinical significance

1. For vaginal disease examination of young or unmarried women.

2. Used in unexplained vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation, vaginal fluid, abdominal pain, family planning, infertility and other tests to exclude the presence of inflammation, cancer, foreign body, deformity, adhesions, hemangioma or abnormal pregnancy The

3. Under direct vision feasible local biopsy, decomposition of cervical adhesions, removal of the uterine mediastinum, remove the IUD or other foreign body, can also be tubal obstruction or fluid surgery and artificial insemination.

Hysteroscopic treatment of indications

1, infertility and recurrent spontaneous abortion: both men and women on a comprehensive basis for systematic assessment of intrauterine etiology and be corrected.

2, b super, uterine fallopian tube lipiodol or curettage examination tips are abnormal or suspicious, can be confirmed by Hysteroscopy Apparatus or confirmed.

3, there are intrauterine adhesions or intrauterine residual foreign body, which includes fetal bone tablets and so on.

4, suspected endometrial cancer and precancerous lesions, the application of Hysteroscopy Apparatus, biopsy biopsy combined with histopathological assessment, contribute to early diagnosis and timely treatment.

5, the patient selected appropriate and preoperative preparation, some hysteroscopic surgery can replace or change the traditional treatment.

6, Hysteroscopy Apparatus diagnosis and treatment technology in the family planning clinical and scientific research applications.

Hysteroscopy Apparatus

Hysteroscopic examination of pain? Hysteroscopy Apparatus will have a slight pain. Hysteroscopy Apparatus generally do not need anesthesia, so when the endoscope into the uterine cavity, women will have pain, but most people can accept, without worry too much. Patients who are nervous or have undergone surgery may also undergo anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia.

How to do Hysteroscopy Apparatus

1, the subject

Take the bladder lithotomy position, disinfection of the vulva, vagina, shop sterile towel single, vaginal speculum exposed cervix, once again disinfection of the vagina, cervix, cervical clamp clamp cervical, probe to understand the depth and direction of the uterus, Sheath diameter halfway.

Connected to the liquid uterine swab pump, adjust the pressure for the minimum effective swelling of the uterine pressure, emptying the perfusion tube gas, the 5% glucose solution to open the cervix, Hysteroscopy Apparatus under the cervix shaft diameter slowly into the uterine cavity, Rinse intrauterine blood to the liquid quiet, adjust the liquid flow, so that intrauterine pressure to achieve the required pressure, uterine cavity can be seen to expand the uterine cavity and cervical canal.

2, observe the uterine cavity

First look at the whole picture of the uterus, Gongdi, uterine cavity before and after the wall, fallopian tube opening, in the process of withdrawal from the mouth of the cervix and cervical canal. Hysteroscopy Apparatus out of the cervix.

3, intrauterine operation

Short-term, simple surgical operation can be implemented immediately after diagnosis, such as birth control ring incarceration, easy removal of endometrial polyps, endometrial biopsy and so on.