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Hysteroscopy Apparatus The Inspection Process Is Fast
Sep 27, 2017

Hysteroscopic surgery refers to minimally invasive surgery with Hysteroscopy Apparatus. Is a kind of optical instrument, used to do uterine cavity observation, diagnosis and treatment. Uterine mirror can be divided into diagnostic and surgical type, there are soft and hard points. Soft diagnostic Hysteroscopy Apparatus is made of advanced fiber, small diameter, free to bend, easy to do the whole uterine cavity of the observation and diagnosis, check the process quickly (about 2 to 5 minutes), do not hurt, do not hurt the uterus The

Hysteroscopy Apparatus is an advanced device for the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine diseases. It can clearly observe various changes in the intrauterine cavity and make a clear diagnosis. The use of Hysteroscopy Apparatus can directly view the uterine cavity lesions, the location of the collection of pathological examination, diagnosis is accurate, timely, comprehensive, intuitive, early detection of cancer; tubal intubation, check tubal patency, dredge tubal interstitial obstruction Hysteroscopic resection of endometrium, submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine mediastinum, uterine adhesions and removal of foreign body, good effect, no laparotomy, trauma, less bleeding, pain, light, rehabilitation fast.

After hysteroscopic attention

1, hysteroscopic surgery generally in menstrual clean 3-7 days after surgery the best.

2, after menstruation or preoperative 3 days to prohibit sexual life.

3, preoperative may be holding back urine, easy intraoperative B super-monitoring.

4, hysteroscopic surgery preoperative examination: infectious diseases (hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV, HCV, RPR), liver function, kidney function, electrocardiogram, hematuria routine, coagulation four, leucorrhea routine.

5, 1 week after surgery to take pathological results and treatment.

6, hysteroscopic resection within 2 months after a small amount of vaginal bleeding, the first three months is normal to menstruation.

Hysterical Note:

1, Hysteroscopy Apparatus should be improved before surgery: blood transfusion before the series, vaginal secretions, blood, liver, kidney function, coagulation function, ECG, vaginal B ultrasound, gynecological examination. Recent no respiratory tract infection, fever, diarrhea and abnormal reproductive tract discomfort;

2, Hysteroscopy Apparatus time selection:

In addition to special circumstances, the general menstrual clean after 3-7 days or so is appropriate. Reason: at this time the endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial thin, less mucus, less bleeding, luminal lesions easily exposed; for irregular bleeding, at any time after hemostasis can be checked;

3, our Hysteroscopy Apparatus is divided into painless Hysteroscopy Apparatus and general Hysteroscopy Apparatus. Need to call in advance: 0531-82436624 appointment. Appointment time is generally the first day of menstrual clean;

4, painless hysteroscopic patients Note: 8 hours before surgery anesthesia fasting, water, anesthesia after 1-2 hours without exception to leave before the exception.