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Laparoscopy Apparatus Good Maintenance Life
Jul 17, 2017

Laparoscopy Apparatus, high precision, complex structure, is a modern electronic, optical and mechanical and other aspects of a comprehensive system, so the daily Laparoscopy Apparatus for good maintenance is particularly important. Good maintenance is not only to extend the life of laparoscopy, reduce maintenance costs, but also reduce the incidence of intraoperative failure is an important prerequisite.

(1) black screen phenomenon: the display, cold light source system power connector, camera line connector off, cold light source system bad contact and damage to the lamp and other reasons will cause the display black screen phenomenon. Therefore, the equipment should be carefully checked before surgery, and standing cold light source system replacement lamp.

(2) the image is not clear: the camera focal length deviation or contamination of foreign bodies on the lens can cause the image is not clear, fine-tuning the focal length or wipe the lens with iodophor cotton can solve such problems.

(3) image brightness and darkness: surgery in the surgery between the light can not be too bright, should close the shadowless lamp, the cold light source to the automatic position, otherwise it will cause the image is too bright. And the image is too dark may be caused by two cases: ① cold light guide beam and laparoscopic connection loose or cold light source connection slightly loose, as long as the connector slightly forward, the light source can be restored positive system "; ② lighting fiber Part of the broken wire, as long as the replacement of all the optical fiber can be resolved.

(4) Image color imbalance: The camera's white balance error setting will cause the image color to be distorted, so it is necessary to set the white balance automatically or manually before using the camera system.

(5) fog as the phenomenon: the casing into the abdominal cavity before the need for preheating, so that the temperature exceeds the human body cavity temperature to avoid fog, the laparoscope into the 40 ℃ saline in the warm-up about 5 min The

(1) pneumoperitoneic needle blockage: in the operation of pneumoperitoneum needle can be fat particles, blood clots or other tissue debris blocked, the treatment measures for the use of 5 ml syringe suction saline can be washed smooth. Sometimes pneumoperitoneum needle into the peritoneum can also cause pneumoperitoneum needle blockage, this time need to remove the abdominal needle and re-inserted into the abdominal cavity.

(2) low pressure pneumoperitoneum: moderate CO2 gas pressure to maintain abdominal pressure and create a favorable surgical operation of the visual environment is necessary. However, in the event of leakage will cause pneumoperitoneum pressure is too low, and then difficult to maintain the pressure inside the abdominal cavity. A variety of factors can cause pneumoperitoneum pressure is too low, common for the gas pipe joints loose and puncture seal cap damage caused by leakage, the wrong setting C02 pressure parameters can not be ignored. Therefore, in the correct CO22 pressure parameter settings will be under the gas pipe fittings tightening and timely replacement of the damaged puncture seal cap is to achieve the normal level of pneumoperitoneum pressure to maintain the normal level of the premise.

(1) unipolar electric knife failure: electric knife, electrocoagulation wire and the host connection loose will cause the two without any output, should promptly check the two connectors and connect it firmly with the host. When the electric knife host negative plate and the host port bad contact, the cut and the coagulation will stop working, the negative plate indicator light from green to red and alarm, then need to re-insert the negative plate line host port. In the surgery patients too much dander will cause the electric knife circuit is poor, need to preoperative skin surface dander clean. More fur will cause the same effect, need to keep the skin smooth and smooth.

(2) bipolar coagulation fault: bipolar coagulation fault is usually caused by poor contact between the bipolar line and the host, need to adjust the contact surface of the two or replace the new bipolar line can be. Coagulation caused by excessive blood scabs will cause bipolar coagulation failure, the need to promptly clean.

(1) the system no negative pressure or suction is small: the center of the negative pressure to attract the disconnection of the pipeline and attract the poor sealing of the bottle can cause the system no negative pressure or suction is small, once found to be quickly investigated.

(2) system blockage: postoperative must be used high pressure gas, water gun to attract the system to repeatedly wash, otherwise the blood clot dry scab or other foreign matter will be deposited in the lumen caused by the suction system blockage. In addition, the suction system to run a long time when not in a period of time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

(1) lavage of Laparoscopy Apparatus: after surgery should immediately remove the removable part of the laparoscopic device, and its cleaning. First with the enzyme soak, and then rinse with flowing water. With the lumen of the device, after each use should be used through the brush through the brush, and then repeated water or high pressure water gun rinse. Use a cotton swab to clean the valve cavity, spring, seal and puncture cone side hole, dry after the valve in time to restore the valve to avoid the loss of small parts. Clean the gripping device and scissors should open the rotating shaft and gently scrub. If the stub is still stubborn debris is cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. Camera, laparoscopic angle with a soft cloth to dry dry, avoid using a rough cloth towel to avoid scratching the lens, is strictly prohibited using ultrasonic cleaning machine for endoscopic cleaning.

(2) laparoscopic device disinfection: for different devices can be used high temperature and pressure sterilization method, low temperature sterilization method for disinfection. Camera, cable and electrode can not use disinfectant soaking or high temperature autoclaving disinfection, otherwise the equipment will cause serious damage, can only use gas fumigation or plasma low temperature sterilization method.

(1) laparoscopic device placement: Laparoscopy Apparatus should be placed on the laparoscopic device, each time before and after the use of its surface to clean and covered with dust cover. Each part must be stored in a special instrument box, and the instrument storage should be ordered. All sharp equipment to avoid the collision, pick and place should be light and stable. In particular, the optical system is extremely sensitive to light, the placement of equipment should be selected dark room, to avoid direct light.

(2) regular examination of Laparoscopy Apparatus: adhere to the weekly function of the laparoscopic device to conduct a check every month for all equipment rust and lubrication maintenance 1 times.