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Mop Cleaning Effect And More Ground Cleanliness
Jun 26, 2017

Mop line to remind the choice of mop in the raw materials, the use of cotton yarn as the main material of the best materials, their cleaning effect of a variety of stains and more ground cleanliness, can bring us a favorable and easy clean condition. So, when we choose the mop line of raw materials, the use of cotton yarn as the main raw materials for the best, their cleaning effect of a variety of stains and more ground cleanliness, can bring us a favorable and easy Of the clean conditions.

Mop rod product dehydration device, you can go to control the dry and dry cloth, both clean, vacuum, absorbent effect, gentleman convenient, fast drying more secure. Let us in the clean up is effortless, quickly save time and effort more power Oh! Unique innovative concept, the mop bar with a vacuum cleaner and dewatering machine design, with a vacuum cleaner-like strong cleaning effect, but also to reach 100% Complete dehydration effect.

There are many types of mop on the market, including cloth mop, flat mop, spinning mop, different mop to use different methods, the same is that they need to use the mop line, today we have to focus on the article about the mop.

Mop the line of the cloth mop is the use of some broken pieces and wooden mop bar made, is the most primitive mop, simple structure - wipes long handle, cloth mop clean ability in general, but dehydration, cleaning are very laborious, With relatively heavy, just suitable for the initial renovation of the newly renovated housing, and the cloth is easy to breed bacteria, must be used to dry, the use of the frequency is still very high, almost every family must.

Mop is one of the most resident appliances, if you do not pay attention to clean, it will become a breeding ground for some microbes and pathogenic bacteria.

In the use of mop, the mop line is the easiest to come into contact with the organic components of the ground, these ingredients will be fungi and bacteria use, when they are long in a humid environment, mold, fungi, Candida and dust mites and other microorganisms and bacteria Rapid growth. And then use it, not only can not clean the ground, more likely to cause the spread of bacteria, and cause respiratory, intestinal and allergic dermatitis and other diseases.

Regardless of the texture of the mop line is cotton, cotton, or plastic cotton, ultra-fine fibers, as long as not to carry out a thorough cleaning and drying, are easy to brew harmful substances. So, choose the first principle of the mop is easy to clean and dry.

The daily use of the mop in the family does not advocate frequent disinfection. The use of disinfectant for disinfection, easily lead to unnecessary environmental pollution. And similar to the potassium permanganate solution disinfectant itself has color, soaked after cleaning up very much water. It is recommended that every time after the mop, carefully washed with water, put on gloves, the towel wring dry, and then spread the head, for drying. The mop line tells you that if the home is conditional, it is best to put it in a ventilated place with plenty of light and make full use of the sun's ultraviolet light for physical sterilization; if there is no balcony or inconvenient to dry, First moved to dry and ventilated room, and so dry and then back into the bathroom.