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Surgical Instruments Used In Orthopedics
Nov 22, 2016

The first is the retractor, mainly to fully open the doctor's surgical field of vision, the operation easier, but also to protect the organization to avoid accidental injury, orthopedic surgery in addition to the application of some common retractor, but also according to different surgical site, Some special features with the use of the retractor. Followed by periosteal stripper, our bodies are attached to the bones of a thin layer of periosteum, periosteal stripper can be attached to the bone surface of the periosteum and soft tissue from the bone surface stripped down. There is bone holding device, can also be called bone forceps, orthopedic surgery to clip the fracture, and then help the fracture reset and maintain the position after reset, in order to facilitate internal fixation. There are bone drills and drill bits, the former structure is relatively simple, can only be used for drilling holes in the bone, the advantages of convenience for sterilization; the latter complex structure, higher maintenance requirements. In addition to the above, there are bone hammer, bone chisel and bone knives, bone scissors and bite forceps, bone file, curette and so on.