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Talking About The Treatment And Maintenance Of Surgical Instruments
Nov 22, 2016

Health problems are a very important big problem, so in order to better safeguard the health of our body modern medical progress is very fast, medical technology has also been greatly improved, especially in our life surgery Equipment is very easy to use, but our life for the maintenance of medical equipment is very inadequate, it can be said that only the proper operation of the equipment for maintenance and use can guarantee and extend the life of surgical instruments.

Modern life, many large diseases have to be carried out in order to deal with the operation, so that the use of our hospital's surgical instruments is very much, so we must pay great attention to the use of before and after treatment of surgical instruments to be just right , Sometimes we carry out the activities of the surgery is very frequent, so after each surgery we have to be timely disinfection or a full range of necessary cleaning, this process is absolutely not careless, if the case To the surgery is very frequent, then this time the surgical instruments have not been processed in a timely manner, so in the case of very urgent dogs can only take ion sterilization method, this method of surgical instruments, although it is very convenient , But will cause a large area of ?? the apparatus of the rust, will directly affect the life of surgical instruments.