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The Development History Of Medical Devices
Nov 22, 2016

Medical equipment professionals in China's gap is also more obvious, such as some high-end product design and development are basically foreign technology, and domestic share of this market share is a trace of a cause of these reasons Mainly in the domestic high-level talent in this area makes this lack of our country and Europe and the United States there is a certain gap between the current domestic medical personnel are: medical equipment sales, medical equipment maintenance, medical equipment registration, medical equipment design, structural engineers , Hardware and medical electronics engineers and polymer personnel.

China's medical device industry by the end of 2011, China's medical device industry has more than 900 large-scale enterprises, of which less than 2% of large enterprises, 148 medium-sized enterprises, nearly 700 small businesses, and the scale of the following enterprises is more countless.

The main talent flow platform has on-site job fairs, talent market, and network, and the network has now become the main job seekers job seekers such as: comprehensive: 51job, China, Zhilian; professional such as: Job seekers preferred.