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Urology Devices An Important Organ Of The Human Body
Aug 16, 2017

Scientific research evidence shows that the etiology of Urology Devices stones is complex, often the natural environment, eating habits, family genetic or some diseases and other factors together the results of the interaction. Hot weather, dry climate, excellent water quality, uneven diet and uric acid, cystine and other substances in the body metabolic abnormalities may lead to the occurrence of stones.

Harm and influence of urinary system stones

The extent to which stones affect our body depends on its size, position, and the Urology Devices of each individual. For example, in the renal pelvis or bladder and other large areas of the formation of stones, due to the existence of buffer space, stones can grow to 5-6 cm without any feeling. However, in some important "throat", very small stones, probably only half a centimeter size, can cause strong symptoms. This is like "Kazuo Guan, Wan Fu Mo open", in the important joint point only a small force can also have a huge impact. "Stone incarcerated" is such a situation.

"Incarcerated" refers to the stones in the Urology Devices system in some narrow areas, including ureter due to the existence of three natural physiological stenosis, is the most likely to form stones incarcerated organs. "Incarcerated stones" will cause "urinary water pipes," the block, so that the above water to the formation of siltation, where the water comes here to refer to the urine from the kidneys. Kidney under normal circumstances will continue to secrete urine, through the ureter into the bladder, and then discharged from the urethra. "Stone incarcerated" will make the urine can not be smooth excretion in the obstruction above the kidney - renal pelvis - ureter gathered, the pressure increases, and cause kidney - renal pelvis - ureter expansion of water, long-term water will oppress the kidney Eventually leading to renal damage and even kidney failure. At the same time, there will be blocked in the urine of bacteria will be infected, resulting in infection, and daily life of the "water does not rot, stagnant water stench" is a reason. Moreover,Urology Devices the "stone - blocking - infection - promoting stone" is a vicious circle, not active treatment will lead to more serious illness.

The stones inside the bladder is very characteristic, because the bladder volume is large, stones in the bladder can be free activities, in general, does not cause the patient's subjective symptoms. But when the stone happened to stay in the bladder - urethra connection, the problem appeared. The bladder-urethral connection is shaped like a funnel, narrowing from the bladder to the urethra. If the stones just blocked in this place, it would be "one husband when off, Wan Fu Mo open." Because of this principle, patients with bladder stones in the toilet when the urine, the stones will flow with the urine to the bladder - urethral junction, once incarcerated in this,Urology Devices there will be voiding interruption. Then, the patient by shaking the body or jumping in situ a few times, blocking the stones may be bounced, you can continue to urinate. So, when you see a person in the toilet half of the urine suddenly stopped, moving and then urine, you can ask him, "Do you have got bladder stones?" He will be surprised to see you "how do you know that you are really God!" Because the stones in the bladder back and forth sliding friction will cause a small bladder mucosa,Urology Devices bleeding more when the urine with the formation of the visible red hematuria can be seen. In addition, the stone on the local mucosal long-term friction stimulation, but also lead to a factor in cancer. So, once found stones or conscious symptoms should go to the hospital for active, regular treatment.