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Urology Devices An Organ Of Vital Importance
Aug 04, 2017

The Urology Devices consists of the kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. Its main function is excretion. Excretion is the body of the metabolic process produced by the body is not used or harmful substances in vitro delivery of the physiological process. Part of the material being discharged is a metabolite of nutrients; the other is the waste that is formed when the aging cell is destroyed. In addition, excreta also includes some of the food intake of excess substances, such as excess water and inorganic salts, protein and so on.

Human civilization development so far, from the primitive society to the present socialist society, have a flickering social stratification, as the development of human society, Urology Devices organs also have a clear social status level:

Upper urinary tract organs, as their name, they are in high society, childhood, in pairs, from an early age do not have to worry about looking for the other half.

The highest level - the kidneys, they work every day, they have a golfer eye, with the quality of gold rush, will not let any flash point, which requires a high job of their "five internal organs" how can we wait , So they work great pressure, but they work motivated, as the saying goes: men and women with work is not tired, the right kidney is lower than the left kidney, is a standard goddess height,Urology Devices with the left kidney born a pair, left Kidney is a strong image of the gods, the left renal vein can accept the positive impact of the spermatic vein, is a full tough guy. They are familiar with each other's work, both a party leave or strike, the other can also top, did not delay the work.

Middle of the ureter, they have slim slim figure, body bumps, born three narrow, as they shape the devil figure, even if they are proud of the place, but also their fatal place, once the stones through, They are in the narrow defeat; but they have we can not see the vitality of their own can be peristalsis, often silently singing and dancing, left and right ureter dance, carefree, uncomfortable.

The lower urinary tract organs, their lives are far from the upper organs of happiness, they are like the lower society of labor, they do not have the other half of the encouragement and support, they can only their own unknown work, dry the upper reaches of the community live, they are lonely No work, do whatever you can.

The lower layer - the bladder, can flexion and extension, he has a good Shu Shuang, is a flexible fat, he has a fat body, the United States called "generals belly", because "the prime minister can punt", its stomach can be large Went to the initiative to start temper can accommodate 300 to 500 ml, really massive. He has a well-known bladder triangle, bladder triangle just not, but in the stone,Urology Devices cancer and bacterial infection in front of the first to bear the brunt.

Urology Devices that is a large waste disposal plant,Urology Devices they have a real life in the existence of the prototype, there is no high and low in the work of the points, they are very important, but the work of different areas.

Kidney - the first screening of waste, can not let the fall into the "treasures" drift, the maximum reduction of waste and can turn waste into treasure.

Ureter - transporter, from the kidneys to a large number of waste must be transported away, this is their task, they are like running long-distance transport driver master.

Bladder - transfer station, waste disposal station workers every day tirelessly will focus on waste disposal, if not them, I believe that the world minutes into a garbage mountain.

Urethra - clean workers, every day at any time on standby, need to row, will transport all the way to waste a brain excreted.

The Urology Devices is the body's safe drainage system, drainage is on the one hand, the key is safe.

Human intake of water, autologous chemical reactions produced by the water through the urinary tract of the pipeline in vitro, which is mainly done by the glomerular. Then there is safety, security is not lost in the protein, energy, trace elements, electrolytes,Urology Devices to ensure that the body's normal life activities, which mainly rely on renal tubules to complete.

The process of generating water in the body is continuous, but the human body is intermittent voiding, which is the bladder can urinate urine credit, otherwise, people live all the time to urinate.

The remaining two types of pipes, namely the ureter and urethra is the body's urine from the kidneys to the body, play a connection and switch the role, but the premise is that they have unimpeded and can anti-reflux.