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Urology Devices Good To Protect The Body
May 19, 2017

Urinary system diseases are basically required to do B-ultrasound, because this is the most direct image inspection method. Specifically, what urinary tract disease can do B-ultrasound? Here, we come to tell you about the specific Urology Devices B super it.

What is the urinary organ B super

B-ultrasound is the full name of the B-type ultrasound examination. Ultrasound is a kind of sound waves, sound waves from the probe issued by the coupling agent into the body, when it encountered the body of non-gas-containing organs, such as the liver, kidney or pregnant woman's belly, it will be reflected back, these Reflected sound from the computer into a picture, the screen appears on the organ or fetal image.

B-check operation is simple, rapid diagnosis, no damage, can be classified as a routine check method, and sometimes no longer need to do X-ray examination. Applicable to the diagnosis of adrenal gland, kidney, bladder, prostate, and scrotum within the disease. Can be more accurately determine the size of adrenal tumors, location, combined with clinical diagnosis. B-can probe the size of the kidney, contour, location and internal structure. Application of B-scan can be found about 2 cm of renal cell carcinoma and X-ray or intravenous urography can not show small cysts. The diagnosis of renal hydronephrosis and kidney stones, renal ptosis, ectopic kidney positioning and guidance of renal biopsy are helpful. B ultrasound to understand the residual bladder urine volume, tumor size, location, depth of invasion, prostate size, internal reflex, and the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer have a guiding significance, intracavitary ultrasound scan shows the extent and depth of invasion of bladder cancer, The internal blood flow of the tumor is clearer and more accurate. In addition, B-scan to identify the scrotum solid or cystic mass is also of practical value.

Then, come to understand the understanding of Urology Devices B-ultrasound check it

The range of Urology Devices B-range

Because it is a pair of retroperitoneal organs, intestinal gas and other intraperitoneal stenosis on its little effect, so before the kidney B-ultrasound, patients do not have to fast and oral administration of intestinal cleaning agents. Normal adult renal pelvis capacity of about 3 to 10 ml, the bladder for the urine storage organs, when filled with a large number of urine, which can provide a good interface for ultrasound reflection, so the patient check the bladder, prostate should first drink water 30 0 ~ 500 Ml, the best 2 to 3 hours do not urinate, so that the bladder filling, urine as a natural contrast agent contrast, so that ultrasound can clearly distinguish the abnormal echo within the bladder shadow. For patients who need to measure residual urine, immediately after urination back to the B-ultrasound room to measure residual urine. In addition, according to the purpose of detection and the patient can use a variety of posture, the most commonly used for the prone position, hands on the head, try to relax, chest close to the examination bed, waist muscle relaxation. When the need for standing detection, the patient should be back to check the doctor, his hands placed chest upright, not skew. Before the probe, the doctor must be coated in the exploration site like a couch-like coupling agent to make the probe in close contact with the skin, so that ultrasound smoothly into the body organs, this coupling agent safe, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, check After the end, as long as gently wipe with soft paper can be.

In the urinary tract B ultrasound examination process to actively cooperate with the doctor Oh.