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Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump Low Consumption, Reliable Operation
Jul 17, 2017

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump consists of three parts: the drive, the pump head and the hose. The fluid is isolated in the pump tubing, which can quickly replace the pump tubing, the fluid retrograde, the dry running, the maintenance cost is low, and so on constitute the main competitive advantage of the Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump.

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump resembles a finger-filled hose with a fluid-like hose that moves forward with the fingers sliding forward. The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is also the principle that the wheel is replaced by a finger. The fluid is pumped by alternately pressing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Just like with two fingers clip the same hose, with the fingers of the movement, the formation of negative pressure inside the tube, the liquid flow.

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is a pump tube that forms a "pillow" fluid between the two rollers. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometrical characteristics of the rotor. The flow depends on the speed of the pump head and the size of the "pillow", and the number of "pillows" generated by each revolution of the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except when pumping particularly viscous fluids).

Compared with a pump with the same diameter as the rotor, a larger "pillow" volume of the pump is produced, and the volume of the fluid delivered by the rotor per revolution is also large, but the pulsation is also large. This is similar to the case of a membrane valve. And a smaller "pillow" volume of the pump, the rotor per revolution of the volume of fluid is also smaller; and fast, continuous formation of small "pillow" to make the fluid flow is more stable. This works like a gear pump.

1, speed type Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump:

With the basic control function of Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump, display speed, start and stop, direction, speed adjustment, filling emptying, power-down memory, external control input and other functions.

2, flow type Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump:

In addition to the basic functions, the addition of traffic display, traffic correction, communication and other functions.

3, the distribution of Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump:

In addition to the basic control functions to increase the flow display, flow correction, communication, liquid volume allocation, suction, output control and other functions.

4, custom type (OEM) Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump:

With a range of different flow range of Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump head, customers can according to their own needs, design different Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump drive circuit supporting the use of.

Provide a comprehensive solution

Low consumption, reliable operation, price economy, durable design

High-quality tubing ensures that your application is the best, and every time you change the pump tubing as if you were getting a new pump

Easy-to-calibrate high-precision metering driver for applications where precision flow control is required

Customer choice program: the combination of design can come up with thousands of different configurations, taking full account of the special needs of different users

Providing a full range of pumps from the laboratory to produce the size of the system and flow amplification program

Compliant with a range of laboratory and industrial specifications: UL, Cul, CE

Adequate pump head, pump tubing, and drive stock to ensure that your pump system running continuously, to minimize maintenance time.