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Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump With Grinding Effect
Oct 12, 2017

I believe most of the users are not very understanding of such pumps. Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump, also known as hose pump, is a new type of industrial pump, which is the product of modern industrial development, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, conveying some sensitive, sticky, strong corrosion Of, relating to, having a high purity, and a medium containing a certain granular material.

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump consists of three parts: the drive, the pump head and the hose. The fluid is isolated in the pump tubing, which can quickly replace the pump tubing, the fluid retrograde, can dry run, the maintenance cost is low, and so on constitute the main competitive advantage of the Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump.

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump consists essentially of a driver, a hose 1, a roller 2 mounted on the rotor 3, and a housing. In these members, the hose 1 is made of an elastic material such as rubber or plastic, and the rest is a metal rigid member. The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is soft and suitable for intrusive shear fluids. The pump is simple and reliable, and is ideal for pumping medium flow, medium pressure wear, fragile and corrosive fluids. Because only the hose and fluid contact, so their maintenance is also very simple.

The working principle of the Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is the ability to utilize a flexible elastomer to withstand deformation and restore to the original shape. The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is like squeezing a fluid-filled hose with a finger and moving forward with the fingers sliding forward. The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is also the principle that only the fingers are replaced by rollers. The fluid is pumped by alternately pressing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Just like with two fingers clip the same hose, with the fingers of the movement, the formation of negative pressure tube, the liquid flow.

The Urology Medical Peristaltic Pump is a pump tube forming a "pillow" fluid between the two rollers. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometry of the rotor. The flow depends on the speed of the pump head and the size of the "pillow", and the number of "pillows" generated by the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except when pumping fluid with a particularly large viscosity).

Compared with a pump with the same diameter of the rotor, a larger "pillow" volume of the pump is produced, and the volume of the fluid delivered by the rotor per revolution is also large, but the pulsation is also large. This is similar to the case of a membrane valve. And a smaller "pillow" volume of the pump, the rotor per revolution of the volume of fluid is also smaller; and fast, continuous formation of small "pillow" so that the flow of fluid is more stable. This works like a gear pump.

Can handle the gas-containing fluid; low shear force, can transfer shear sensitive, oxidative corrosion sensitive fluid, suspension, abrasive wear ability; to allow the solid body diameter to reach the tubular element diameter 40%; only one contact Parts without sealing. Fluid only contact with the pump tubing, do not contact with any other parts; high precision; self-priming; can be idle; with two-way flow capacity of the same flow; no liquid air running conditions will not damage any parts of the pump; % Of the vacuum; only the hose for the need to replace the parts, the replacement operation is extremely simple.