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What Are The Features Of Accessible Handrails For Handicapped Persons?
Nov 22, 2016

First, the surface should be non-slip plastic particles.

Second, qualified handicapped handrails should be used NBS plastic, NBS for the environment-friendly materials, NBS has an inhibitory effect on bacterial growth, are antibacterial function of the material.

Then, the thickness of stainless steel pipe to reach more than 2mm, the vertical pressure does not produce bending.

Currently on the market barrier-free products unqualified main features:

1. Stainless steel surface is too smooth, easy to use when the slide is not conducive to people with disabilities to grasp;

2. Galvanized pipe in the use of a period of time is very easy to rust.

3. Galvanized pipe and stainless steel pipe in the low temperature, especially in winter, in the hand feel too cold;

4. ABS plastic wrapped galvanized pipe than the direct use of stainless steel and galvanized pipe to be slightly better, but easy to hide bacteria, especially in the hospital;

5. Use NBS wrapped galvanized pipe, the same location in the future will rust.